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    PartnerUp Project Facilitates Insightful Online European Study Visit!

    The PartnerUp project focuses on Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement for Upskilling Pathways and recently hosted its second online European Study Visit on January 23rd 2024. The online event served as a platform to gather key insights into institutional perspectives, the influential role of social partners, and the vital engagement of the social sector for the effective implementation of Upskilling Pathways.

    Sofie Doskorova (the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion at the European Commission) shared invaluable institutional perspectives, providing a comprehensive understanding of the foundations necessary for successful upskilling initiatives.

    Rosella Benedetti (Federazione UILSCUOLA RUA) delved into the crucial involvement of the social sector, highlighting strategies and positive outcomes for upskilling pathways.

    Robbie Stakelum (Social Platform) explored the crucial involvement of the social sector in upskilling pathways. Stakelum discussed strategies and positive outcomes, underlining the significance of the social sector’s active participation in the overall process.

    The PartnerUp project is dedicated to enhancing the implementation of Upskilling Pathways for the benefit of adult learners, aiming to increase their participation in lifelong learning opportunities. The project employs methods such as peer learning and study visits, allowing partners to learn from one another and transfer successful practices to their respective contexts. The study visits facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices, offering participants insights into different structures in partner countries and various ways of engagement with partners, stakeholders, and adult learners. The next face-to-face study visit is scheduled to take place in Nicosia, Cyprus, on February 14th, 15th and 16th, with CARDET serving as the host organisation.